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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Is the Secret of Unconditional Love?

Jesus Unconditional Love

The unlovable child.

It is easy to love that obedient, teachable, passive and adorable child.
But what about the child that stays in trouble with the law? What about the child that fights constantly at school? What about the child that defies authority? What about the child that challenges everything that you say? Do you have a child that is stubborn? Do you have a strong-willed child? Do you have a child that will always do the opposite of what you tell him or her? Does this sound familiar? This is where unconditional love comes in.


You can still love your child unconditionally, but still expect them to be responsible for his/her actions. No one is perfect, but Jesus. Your child will make mistakes as all of us have. You should still love your child, regardless, but your child must take responsibility for his or her actions.

Show Up.

Even though you don’t condone irresponsible acts or even the breaking the law, you can still show up and be there for your child. Emphasize when your child breaks the law, he or she must pay. Just because children are yours, does not give them a right to be exempt from the law.

Strings Attached

Sometimes people love their children with strings attached. “I love you when you are good.” I love you as long as you do what I say." "I love you only if you are obedient." I will pay your car note, but you can only drive at such and such times. These are all things that have strings attached.

Sometimes we must learn to love ourselves before we can love others. Joyce Meyer talks about loving yourself in the video below





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