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Monday, June 14, 2010

Could You Be Teaching Your Child To Lie?

Web of Lies

1. False Statements

When the telephone rings, think about this. Have you told your child to tell the person on the other end that you are not home? Or have you told your child, okay you can go such and such place, but make sure you make it back home before your dad gets here. Your child does not need a lie detector to see and know that is lieing.

2. Deceit

Being deceitful is the same as lieing. Leaving out certain details willfully and allowing your child to witness this is setting a bad example for your child. Have you requested your child to answer the door for you and tell the other party you were not at home? That is a “no-no.” Do you shop and purchase a dress or suit and take the tags off of it and hide it in your closet so your spouse will not see it? Has your child witnessed you doing this?

3. Okay sometimes

Has your child witnessed you making excuses to say it is okay to lie at sometimes, but not at others. Some children are already confused. Don’t add to their confusion. Have you just right out lied to your child or to others. Possibly your child questioned you about it later and you made an excuse to say it was okay in that instance.

4. Lieing to your husband

Have you lied to your husband? Has your child witnessed this? Did you just tell your child now don’t tell your father? Did you think about that you made your child an accessory to your lie. Possibly your child may start to think if my parents lie, then it must be okay for me to lie when necessary. Have you ever asked your child to lie to your spouse? Have you thought about the predicament that you put your child in? Your child loves both of you.

A former FBI agent Bill Brown talks about how to spot a liar in the video below:

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  1. I never lie hon
    not even to my cat

    Jimmy Saby from eHow