Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are You Training Your Child To Use Time Wisely?

Giant Ant Hill In Africa

1. Small But Wise - Proverbs 30:24-25

Have you ever observed the ants? Although they are small in size, they prepare and store their food in the summer for the winter. They are wise in many ways. We can learn from them. Are you preparing for the future? You cannot plan everything, but you can allow your child to observe you planning ahead. Remember worrying is a waste of time. Worrying does nothing to help you. Ants worker smarter not harder. Ants work as a team and communicate. Do we communicate effectively? Do we use team work with our family? Remember your child is watching you.

2. Time is Limited

Our life is but a vapor. Have you ever recorded what you do in a day? Try it. You might be shocked at what your daily activities consist of. You might want to change your activities after you take a look at it on paper. Remember no one receives more hours in a day than another person does. Does your child know that you plan a schedule or an agenda? Remember your child is looking at you. Whether you realize it or not you are training your child to use time wisely or unwisely. If you do not have an agenda or daily plan, you may find yourself accomplishing nothing.


3. Unproductive Employee Proverbs 18:9

Have you ever observed an employee that lacks initiative and cannot be depended on to follow through on anything ? Are you that type of employee? Depending on the type of culture you work in, an employer might not tolerate such behavior. Remember whether you want to or not, you are training your child to use time wisely or unwisely. Your child is watching you. You can determine the type of employee that your child might become. Ever watch your child play house? Many times you will see them acting just like you, pretending to be you. Hopefully, It is in a positive manner, but many times children pick up the negatives much quicker for some reason.

Unproductive Employee

4. Habitually Late

This is one of my favorite subject and pet peeves. Have you known people that are habitually late for everything, including, work, school, church, or other events? Are you one of those people? Remember your child is watching you. If time is not important to you, it may turn out it is not important to your child. People that are late all the time are only concerned with themselves and their needs or wants. Think about it. That is very selfish. If that were not so, they would be on time. The habitually late person does not understand the value of time. Time is so precious. Once it is gone you cannot get it back. Have you heard the expression, “He would be late for his own funeral?” That is a sad conception.

Businessman running late

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