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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have You Shared Your Failures With Your Child lately

Money Over The World

1. Wealthy

Possibly you might consider yourself rich or middle class. Were you born into riches? Were you born into money or a wealthy family? Possibly you had to earn your wealth. A young child might not realize this. Does your child know that you worked hard for your money? Does your child know that you have not always had a large house, boat, snowmobile, or RV camper? Have you shared some of the failures and hard times that you went through to get to this point?

A friend once stated that her children told their friends that they were rich. She had to sit her children down and asked them why they thought they were rich. The children said, “We get everything that we want and need?” Right then she explained to them the sacrifices that she made for them to get some of the things that they had. They were things such as putting clothing in the layaway, skimping on grocery items, not going to the beautician, saving for special events, and much more.

Luxury Automobile

2. Welfare

Has there been an occasion when you were on welfare? Have you shared this with your child, now that you have a good job, a nice car, and money in the bank? Why not share that with your child? Your child is possibly looking at you thinking that you have always had a good job and money. I love the fact that the well known T.D. Jakes shared in one of his sermons that he & his wife was once on welfare and his wife stood by him during this time. He shared that he remembered where he came from.

3. Washer and Dryer

Does your child know that you have not always had a washer and dryer, but that you at one time went to the Laundromat and traveled there in a cab because you did not have a car? Share your failure of failing to plan properly. Have you shared that there were times that you could not make it to the Laundromat so you had to hand wash cloth diapers, because you did not have money to buy pampers at the time? You are actually sharing facts about yourself.

4. Automobile and/or bus

Does your child know that you have not always had several vehicles? Does your child know about your first vehicle? Possibly your first vehicle was an old used vehicle, that was useful to get you where you needed to be. Possibly you had to save lunch money to purchase your first vehicle. Your child needs to hear sacrifices that you made to get where you are today. Also, does your child realize that before you acquired your first vehicle you needed to ride the city bus? The bus was your only source of transportation. Has your child even rode on a city or school bus?

City Bus


Children like to know that you are not perfect. You should show your child this. Children want to know that you have made mistakes too. Children can better understand when you share with them that you have been there and done that.

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