Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Read To Your Toddler?

Father and Son Reading

1. Creativeness and Creativity

Have you noticed when you read to your toddler, that your toddler’s eye’s light up? Have you noticed that your toddler has a smile on his/her face when you read? There is a reason for this. Reading stimulates your toddler’s mind. Reading helps in your child’s development. Reading to your toddler helps to encourage your toddler’s creativeness. As you read to your toddler, it creates a vision for your toddler to actually see the characters. Reading creates hope.

Frontal Lobe- creativity area

2. Comprehension

Why read to your toddler? It helps to increase his/her comprehension level. The saying that “knowledge is power” is so very true. The more that you read to your toddler, the more you increase his/her comprehension level. Whether you realize it or not you are a reading teacher to your toddler. Where better for your toddler to start reading than with you. Get a head start before he/she starts school.

3. Instructions

Why read to your toddler? It helps your toddler learn about following instructions. Did you know reading increases your toddler’s vocabulary? Instead of knowing just a few words, the possibility exists for your toddler to know thousands of words. The more you read, the more you increase his/her vocabulary. Can you imagine? Just visualize this. Many are not able to follow instructions, because they are unable to read. Reading is so crucial in society today. The more you read to your toddlers, the more his/her reading skills are fine tuned.

Graduating with honors

4. Auditory Processing

Reading to your toddler increases the auditory processing. The child needs to listen when you read. When you read aloud you and your toddler are able to hear the words better.


Start taking your toddler to the library. Check out books for him/her. Allow him/her to pick out their own books. The library opens up an entire new world for your toddler. You can start as early as 1-year-old. Some parents start earlier than that. Believe me some children are ready before that age.

Reading to your toddler gives your toddler hope. It stimulates your toddler to want to learn to read. Your toddler’s mind is like a sponge soaking up all the information that is given. Your toddler wants to learn. It is up to you to give him/her that start before they start school. Are you up for the challenge? Have you thought about that your toddler could be the next President? It is possible you know.

Would you like to share what age you started reading to your toddler and how it has affected your toddler? Please feel free to comment.

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