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Monday, May 17, 2010

When Going To The Emergency Hospital With Toddler. . . .

Emergency Department

1. Health Insurance Card and Important Telephone Numbers

Make sure that your health insurance is current and correct. Be sure to keep your insurance card with you. The intake person will need to actually see your insurance card. Keep important telephone numbers posted in your kitchen and in your purse or wallet. Numbers might include, doctor, dental, close relative and/or friend.

2. Temperature

Depending on the reason that your toddler is there, you may be asked has your child had a temperature, especially if the toddler is congested with cold. So if you have taken your toddler’s temperature that day, keep a record especially if the temperature was high like over 100 degrees. If necessary, for immediate assistance call 911. The hospital will take your toddlers temperature,weight ,and height. They also may check the ears and throat as well.

Child’s ear thermometer

3. Medications & Family History.

Keep a list with you of any and all medications your toddler may be taking. You should keep this list with you, because sometimes during an emergency you may not remember the names of the medications at the time, especially if there are several. Note if your toddler is diabetic. Also have a list of any known allergies. Be prepared to complete a record of your family history.


4. Events of the day.

Be prepared to describe as many of the symptoms that your toddler has exhibited throughout the day. Assure your toddler as to why you are going to the emergency.


Depending on how busy the emergency room is and the time of day, you might want to be prepared to be there up to at least 5 hours. The hospital may want to run several tests, as well as do blood work on your toddler. So if time allows, bring something to snack on. Hopefully, someone else can come with you to the emergency. One of you can get a snack while waiting.

It can be distressful to see your toddler in pain or hurting, but try and remember to be courteous to the nurses and doctors. Very seldom will you accomplish anything by yelling at them and becoming demanding. Remember there may be other sick children in the emergency also, some may be sicker than yours.


Be sure that your toddler keeps the identification band on his/her arm. Some toddlers arms are tiny and the band may not stay on properly. This is important for identification purposes.

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