Monday, May 10, 2010

What Do You Do When Toddler And Family Are Not Enough?

Father and son

1. Denial

You can love your family, be a devoted wife, mother, husband and father, but don’t be in denial. Get real. Acknowledge if there is something missing. We go through different phases of life. You may have come to a phase in your life when it is time to realize that as much as you love your toddler and family, they are not enough. You are more than a mother, father, husband, and and/or wife.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

2. Strengths and weaknesses

Make a lists of your strengths and your weaknesses. Combine this with a list of things you might want to accomplish. Going back to school might be among this list. Check and see what financial aide is available. You can start a new career or explore a new hobby such as renovating, remodeling, painting, or ceramics. The list can go on and on.. . . . . . .

Matt Warren tells how a gift led to a new career


3. Parenting

The best example you can set as a parent is to allow your toddler to see you pursuing your dreams. This is one of the best parenting tips I could give you. Your spouse will respect you for pursuing your dreams, just be sure not to neglect him/her or family while doing so. Try to keep a balance.

Parents holding Baby in Their Own Home Office.

4. Spirit.

When you address and follow your dreams, your family and others will see the joy in your spirit. The end results should be a win/win situation. Life is continual. So continue to evaluate and reevaluate what makes your spirit happy.

There are jobs out there that do not require a degree. They talk about it on MoneyTalksNews below


I welcome your comments. Would you like to share how you have fulfilled your dreams?

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