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Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Know How an Abusive and/or Controlling Relationships Affects Toddlers Part 2

Parents fighting in front of their children.

Abuse whether emotional or physical still hurts. Love does not hurt. Today I am giving you a few more of the tips of how abusive and/or controlling relationships affects toddlers.

1.Their Fault.

Toddlers somehow begin to think that it is their fault that the abuser is attacking the other parent. Toddlers do not have the full capacity to understand that they have done nothing wrong. Toddlers are innocent, but do not know that they are.

2. Fix It.

Toddlers believe that they can fix it. They believe that if they are around and can entertain the parents that will solve the problems. Toddlers believe they can possibly do things to gain the parents attention so that there will be no fights or altercations. For example, a toddler may attempt to sing, dance, or just act silly if it will gain the attention of the parents and possibly put the abuser in a better mood.

3. Worry.

Then there are the toddlers that will worry most of the time. These toddlers do not think about distracting the abuser. These toddlers worries when will be the next altercation. Sometimes they worry so much they have trouble sleeping. They worry that if something terrible happens they have no where to go and no where to turn to. Toddlers are just to young to have to worry about something like that, because the home is suppose to be a safe haven.

4. Nervousness and fearful.

Other toddlers become nervous and fearful of just about everything. Because they are fearful of loosing a parent because of abuse, they really cannot concentrate on anything else. They may resort to crying most of the time or even wetting the bed. This fear somewhat immobilizes them so that they may not be as outgoing as they could be. Fear can stop you right in your tracks. This emotion of fear is very real to toddlers.

Warning: Again I say, If you are in an abusive and/or controlling relationship, get out for the sake of your toddler.

Think about this life that you created, take responsibility for that life, and nurture and raise your child in love.

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