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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Know Your Child’s Spiritual Gift

Children are gifts from God. You are to nurture and guide them. Many times parents already have in mind what they want their toddlers to become when they grow up. Parents have already picked their toddler’s profession. Even though you might want your toddler to become one thing, your toddler’s spiritual gift may not align with what you want. The spiritual gifts are mercy, teaching, prophet, evangelist, giving, administration, service, and exhorter.

May be you want your child to be a nurse.

1. Know that God has given every toddler a spiritual gift. A gift that is a dominant quality that he/she will use with little effort. It is called a gift because God gave it to the toddler, the toddler did not and does not get to pick what gift he or she may want from a menu. This particular gift will help that toddler to do work that is beyond all expectations as he or she grows into becoming an adult. This particular gift will come naturally. As parents you are to help develop, guide, and help your toddler realize his/her spiritual gift as he grows and matures into a young man or woman. Observe your toddler.

2. Encourage your toddler as he or she grows to participate in different ministries in the church to see how his/her spiritual gift will work. You will probably already have a good idea about your toddler. Possibly your child will give their last in order to help someone else.

Child putting his only dollar in the collection plate

3. For example, observe whether your toddler feels compassion for others. Does he want to comfort others that might be hurting? He might have the gift of mercy. Or possibly you may observe that your toddler has the gift of teaching. When playing with siblings or others does he/she want to instruct rather than follow? Does your toddler just automatically take that role when in a situation with other toddlers playing.

Sister comforting her brother

4. Does your toddler love to organize and take the lead when playing with other toddlers? It is possible he has the gift of administration. Or is your toddler always trying to lead his/her friends to Jesus Christ? Your child’s gift could be an Evangelist. Possibly your child is always encouraging others and seems to enjoy seeing his/her other friends do well. He/she might be an exhorter.

Sister instructing her brother

5. Is your child very discerning, opinionated, dominant, and out spoken? It is possible his/her gift is that of prophecy. Or possibly your child loves to volunteer, is more of a follower, tries to meet others needs, and has a difficult time saying no. This child’s gift might be that of service.

Remember every child is special and unique and that regardless to how your child came into this world. That child is no mistake. That child has a purpose.

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