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Monday, March 27, 2017

What type of Parent are You?

Do you spend quality time with your children or is your physical body just there? There are those that allow video games to baby-sit their children. Do you even know the video games that your child likes or is playing?

Parenting Advice

Sure you want to have fun and enjoy your children. Parenting is not just about having fun. There are those times that you may have to make a judgment call and your children might not like it, but you know that it is the best for them.

Sleep Patterns

Are you the parent that wants to be a buddy to your 9-year-old? Are you allowing your 9-year- old to stay up late until 2 and 3 am in the morning during the summer time or on the weekends? Possibly you go to sleep and allow them to stay up late with no supervision. Is this really fair to your child? You got your sleep, but what about your child? While you are sleeping you are not aware of what your child is doing. Remember you now have a child to parent. It is not all about you unfortunately. Are you a Parent or a Buddy? Did you know that you could be harming your child?
According to the National Sleep Foundation children between the ages of 6-13 need at least 9-11 hours of sleep.

Granted 9-year-olds should know to bathe and keep themselves clean, but do you just allow your children to get up, put on their clothes, and never observe are they bathing and brushing their teeth? Possibly it is not important to them whether they bathe themselves or not. So are you a parent or a buddy, leaving it up to the child? What are your feelings about this?

Video Games

Do you play video games with your children? This would possibly give you an idea of what games your children likes and the games that they are playing? Also, you are doing this together. How much is too much video games?  Every child is different. That is something that you will decide for your children.


Does your child display a lot of anger or is your child basically a compliant obedient child? Complaint and obedient is fine, but you hope that all your children learn to think and show creativity for themselves. What happens when your children get angry? Are they throwing things at the wall or at you? I am not referring to two-year-old children and tantrums either. Are they cursing you? Are you a parent or a buddy? What are you allowing? Are you using this moment as a teachable moment for your child to learn how to deal with anger issues. These are a few things to ask yourself.

Everyone gets angry about something during their lifetime, but how do you handle it? Do you explain to your child this is definitely not acceptable behavior or do you just throw up your hands and say, “That is just the way my child is.” I recently was in a retail store where I witnessed what appeared to be a 4 or 5-year-old telling a nearby lady to shut up as she was having a conversation with his parent. The parent did not address it but instead said, “Oh he is just bad.” This could have been a teachable moment. There was another instance where I was waiting in line and a child told her parent, “ I want this.” The parent replied, “ Let's wait until Christmas.” The child responded, “ I do not want to wait until Christmas, I want it now.” How many of you know we all tend to want it now. The child crossed her arms in front of her and was huffing and puffing. Again, another teachable moment that was not taken. The lady in front of me turned to me and said, “These young people now a day, I would have never allowed my children to do that.”

In a Hurry

Are you enjoying your children or are you waiting impatiently for their first baby steps of walking, or when they get out of diapers, when they start school, when they graduate, or when they are out of the house? This list could go on and on. Why not take a pause and enjoy them and savor the moments you are together?

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  1. Great questions to prompt self-reflection. I'm always striving to do better and be better. Fortunately, the Lord is my portion and where I lack, He fills in the spaces.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good for you Jennifer. God is good.

  3. I am a parent not a friend - I will be there when ever you need me and willing to talk about anything. Thank you for sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday

    1. Good for you Amber. I enjoy sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday.

    2. Good for you Amber. I enjoy sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday.

  4. This is such an important post. We're so glad you shared this thought-provoking insights on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm Pinning and sharing!

  5. I was a parent to my kids and now that they're grown I think I did a good job. And to young mothers, cherish your babies being babies. Believe me, they grow up way too fast :( Thank you for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared your post.

  6. I am a parent and my child's first friend. I love that my daughters, now grown are my best friends.

  7. I savor every moment I have with my kids. Especially since two live so far away.

  8. Great questions! My boys and I have been spending lots of time playing Overcooked this week; a fun video game my middle son got for Christmas. We've also played lots of board games together and I'm so blessed to have time gift of time with them.

  9. This is worded so well! I agree as parents, we need to be a parent not a friend! Thanks for sharing at Party in Your Pjs!