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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Know How Abusive And/Or Controlling Relationships Affects Toddlers

Parents arguing with the toddler caught in the middle.

Part 1. Toddlers have more awareness than we sometimes would like to admit. What you do or say can definitely affect children. Parents some time forget that children learn by not necessarily doing what you say, but rather by watching what you do.

1. Mental health.

When toddlers are constantly witnessing a parent being abused, it puts the toddlers in a state of fear. It definitely affects the toddler's mental well- being. Toddlers wonder will one parent kill the other. The toddlers wonder will they themselves eventually be killed by the abuser. Sometimes toddlers may have tunnel vision and believe there is no other way out, but to protect the parent that is being abused.

2. Dysfunctional Family.

Abusive and /or controlling relationships can cause for dysfunctional families. The toddler starts believing that all families are like this, when in reality all families are not dysfunctional.

3. Shame.

The Toddler becomes ashamed, hoping that no one else can see how badly the abuser is behaving.

4. Better life.

Toddlers do not understand why this is continually happening, but they promise themselves when they grow up, they will not allow something like this to happen in their life. In reality toddlers do not realize that unless they get help when they get older they might repeat the exact same cycle of abuse or either end up in an abusive relationship themselves.


If you have toddlers, and are in this type of relationship, consider getting out for the sake of the child.
Remember sometimes it is not always about you, but about your child.


These are only a few of the affects an abusive and/or controlling relationships can have on a toddler. Stay tuned for Part 2 of how abusive and/or Controlling Relationships Affects Toddlers.

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