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Friday, June 22, 2018

5 Tips Regarding a Strong-Willed Child

Do you have a strong-willed child? Possibly you have more than one Strong-willed child. If you do, is it possible that you or your spouse is strong-willed. There is nothing wrong about a strong-willed child. Strong-willed children just need correct guidance.

strong willed chidlren

I discovered very early in life that I had two strong-willed children. Often I would see them challenging each other, because each felt their way was the right way. This does not have to be a bad thing at all. Remember you want to pick your battles carefully.

1. Choices

Sometimes offering your children choices will help them think about alternative solutions as oppose to just one solution to a problem. Children love to have choices, because it gives them a feeling of some control. There are times in a parent-child relationship when children feel they have no control such as a family move or even spouses divorcing.

2. Competitive

Because strong-willed children may tend to be competitive possibly encourage them to work as a team. As a team they both can suggest their solutions and blend them together. Sometimes children and adults have tunnel vision. Role playing gives them a glimpse of how others see you. I recall my children suggested doing role play. They depicted me as acting as if anything that my youngest child did was okay. That was an eye-opener for me.

3. Right and Wrong

Sometimes when each strong-willed child is so determine to have their own way let them know they are valued and that possibly each idea is good. Let them know that there is no right or wrong, but rather possibilities.

4. Example

If you are married to a strong-willed person, lead by example. Allow your children to witness how you are dealing with your strong-willed spouse. Children are always watching you. How do you deal with your strong-willed children?

5. Specialty

Every child is unique and special. Discover what your strong-willed child is good at and what your child likes. Gear your child in that direction. Keep them active in activities so as to be well rounded. That strong will may be necessary for that future career. That strong-will child may become a Superintendent, Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, or Child Care Specialist. Remember your child is the future for tomorrow.

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