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I Love Mom T-shirt

Thursday, June 7, 2018

8 Must Haves For Your Next Field Trip

When your kindergartner goes on that first field trip, you want to be prepared. Also, if you are going along definitely look at this checklist below to help you be prepared.


1. Change of Clothing and Boots

In the event your kindergarten might have an accident or were to get wet a change of clothing might be a good idea. Also, depending on where the field trip is you and your kindergartener might want to wear boots. For example if the trip is to a farm or a camp, boots might be perfect especially in Michigan weather. So often I have gone with children to these type of events and parents are dressing their children really cute, but not preparing them for rain or mud.

2. Mosquito Repellant

Often if it has been raining a lot, there will be mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will be attracted to a large group of children. Also, a backpack should hold most of your items. Thank God for the invention of backpacks. They are so convenient.

3. Bottled Water and Camera

Bring plenty of bottled water so as not to become dehydrated. Most cellphones have cameras on them. So take plenty of pictures for this memorable moment.

4. Snacks/backpack

Remember to bring plenty of snacks in your backpack. Backpacks are so convenient, because you can carry them on your back.

5. Sharpie Pen

Remember to bring a black marker. I really like the Sharpie Pens. You may need to mark lunches with your child's name, etc.

6. Rain

Yes you pray it will be nice and sunny, but you may want to bring an umbrella just in case. I recall a field trip. There was 30% of rain. When we arrived at our destination it was just beautiful weather. Guess what? The weather changed It did rain and it poured. Many were soaked. I came prepared with my umbrella. Thank you Jesus.

7. Sunglasses

Sometimes the sun can be fierce. You always want to protect your eyes from those UV rays. Eyesight is so precious.

8. Blanket

If you are traveling on a bus to your field trip, sometimes the air condition on the bus is very cold. Just in case be prepared with a blanket to keep you warm until you arrive.


Definitely remember the bus number that you ride on. There may be several other buses there from other schools. I recall a field trip at one particular school. The teacher forgot the bus number and was leading the children on the wrong bus. So have a great time and enjoy your kindergartener.

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