Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask

Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask
Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask

Monday, October 25, 2021

Health Trivia. . . . How Much Do You Know?

Have you done a health assessment to asses how healthy you are? You may have million of dollars, but if your health is failing you, you may not live long to enjoy it.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Are you aware of some of the health benefits that may be available to you? It is a given that as you age or even before you start aging, you may have health risks or health problems, but regardless to what age you are, it does not hurt to be vigilant regarding your health care.

1. Do you know  3 foods that fight against Cancer?


Broccoli, black and navy beans, and tomatoes help fight Cancer according to They further added that the lycopene in tomatoes stops Endometrial Cancer growth. I am glad to hear that, because I love tomatoes.

2. Do you know what an annual health exam for a woman might include?


A Pap smear check for cervical cancer, breast exam by mammogram screening, and a bone density test.  

3. What are some of the Free services offered at a Health Fair?


Free Blood pressure check, diabetes check, cholesterol screening, information on health care providers, information for dental health, and much more. According to,

4. Is it possible for your words to affect your health?


Yes it is possible. Did you know that when you say words aloud your subconscious listens and this affects your attitude? What you say becomes a reality, according to Dave Balch The Power ofYour Own Words.  So be mindful of what you say.

This is nothing new. Romans 4:17, “I have made thee a father of many nations, before him whom he believed, even God, who quickened the dead, and called those things which be not as though they were.”

This is something that God has always told those who believe in Him. God's word is alive. Develop the healthy habit of learning more about Jesus to help you change your eating lifestyle. Change your way of thinking.

5. Is More Better?

Answer: More is not necessarily better.

Think about eating less intentionally. I mentioned in my article:

I could not longer eat the way that I used to eat. I am now more intentional and focused in my eating. This does become a lifestyle and a pattern. I like something that my pastor has said often, “Just push yourself back from the table.” Leave a little something on your plate. You do not have to eat the last drop. Something that Dr. Oz mention that has stuck with me was to not eat everything on your plate when eating at a restaurant. Since most restaurants give you such large servings, just eat half and take the other half of your meal home to eat at another meal setting. That makes plenty of since to me.

6. Is it better to Sprint during your weight loss journey?


It is not necessarily better. Remember if you are trying to lose weight, the weight may not come off immediately. It took awhile to put the weight on and it may take a while to take it off, but the important thing is to be persistent and intentional; never failing. Be sure to keep focused. Keep your eye on your goal. If you feel bad and you want to eat, eat a carrot or celery. Instead of drinking soda, replace it with water.  Although there has been a crisis in my city of Flint, Michigan with a health emergency & disaster because of high contents of lead, presently bottled water is our only alternative for drinking water. They have, however, reported the lead testing has recently shown that it is within the guidelines, but we are still urged on a word of caution to continue the bottled water, because all the lead lines have not been replaced. That replacement may take some time also.

7. Are there healthy food replacements?


Yes there are several healthy food replacements. For example, instead of cookies what about susbstituting them with celery or strawberries? You might even go as far as to plant a strawberry patch. I recall having strawberries in our back yard. It was nice to just go out and pick fresh strawberries to eat. That was quite refreshing also.

8. Do You Know some of the Signs of Food Addiction?


Some symptoms of food addiction may include constant obsession with what to eat, binging and then purging, or associating food with rewards. These are mentioned at They further add that just like other addictions food addictions are treated the same by managing behavior and the physical cravings of the brain with possibly psychotherapy and nutritional therapy.

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  1. The subconscious is certainly very powerful. We must be aware of everything.


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