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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Should It Be Illegal To Post Children Videos On Utube?

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According to Utube.com, Utube was founded in February 2005. It has billions of users. Some have asked are parents exploiting or abusing their children? When parents originally posted the videos, I am sure they had no idea that it would become as big as it did. What was posted originally may have been meant to be cute and shared with family and friends, but thousands of people apparently viewed the videos. Some parents have made up t-shirts of their children and are selling and promoting them on tube. They are treating it like a business. This seems to be the new wave; the Utube videos. Is this what the new generation is about? Some of the videos are definitely money makers. Will their children grow up and do the same with their children? Children are so cute as children, but are parents taking advantage of their children’s youth in order to make money? Is it greed? Are parents greedy for money? I see some of the videos having over so many thousand of hits. Do they hope that their children will be discovered for a TV show? Should it be illegal to post children videos? After all they are not adults yet. I can understand that parents are proud of their children. Parents want to share their pictures with the world. Where are the boundaries? Are they protecting their children like they should? When is it considered abusive?

Utube has many great uses such as how to videos featuring how to style your hair, or how to bake a cake, but are some of the children videos going just to far? I love some of the Utube how to videos, because it is one thing to read an article about how to do something. It is even better if you are a visual person to see how something is done. It is fascinating when I look at how advanced we have become in this century. We can also receive tips and strategies on Utube videos. So there are many good uses for Utube videos. If you have a great idea, you never know how many hits you will get when showing it on utube. There will probably be those parents that justify their children videos, but is it really fair to the children? Is it saying to them that this is okay? Some parents may even think that it is amusing. What are your thoughts on this?

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