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Review Of Starfall Interactive Kids Site

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There are numerous activities and learning games that children love to play at Starfall.

Below are a list of some of the games and activities that children love to play. The good thing about this is that they can learn and have fun at the same time.


Here you can click on any letter. It sounds the letter out as it shows the letter. The vowels a,e,i,o, and u are listed below the alphabets. When you click on them there is singing to emphasize the phonics. I like the fact that when the child click's on the letters there are pictures to accompany the phonics that is emphasized with the words. The site also encourages the children to sing along. Children learn these songs very quickly. This is a fun website for kids.

Long words are emphasized as well.

Who Am I

Children really like the "Who Am I Area." Here they get to fill in the blanks. Answering questions whether they are a girl or boy, how old they are, choose a hairstyle, their hair color, color of their skin,color of their eyes, and much more characteristics about themselves. This is one of the best websites for kids.


This is an area where children can sing along songs such as Comin Round the Mountain, Happy and You Know It, and you will see many more songs here.
As they look under the area of songs, they will be able to sing songs such as A Hunting We Will Go, Five Little Chicadees, or Hens Are Marching.


Want to teach your children the day and the month? Then the calendar will be ideal for that. There is a prompt to click on the month and today's date.
Once they have done that then there is a prompt to fill in the missing day's date. Then they are encouraged to enter special days on the calendar for that month including birthdays,stars, or happy faces. Then there are various pictures that they can choose between to put at the top of their calendar. These are all done by clicking and/or dragging the items to their correct places. When finished they are rewarded with a "hooray."

Let's Plant a Flower

This interactive area walks your children through step-by-step.
I like that it gives you choices of a variety of flowers to plant. Once your children click on the flower to plant, it lists a sequence from first, next, and last. There is emphasis on the steps used in planting a flower. When the children completes the task, they are rewarded by hearing "great job."

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