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Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Get Picky children to Eat

Child sitting with several fruit choices before her

Unfortunately not all children are born with a great appetite. Not all will eat nearly everything that you set before them. There are those that have particular likes and dislikes. Also children sometimes may feel that there are not too many things in their life that they can control. To some degree they can control their eating. While some may overeat, there are others that will not eat, unless it is something they like or want.

1.First of all remember even though you want your child to eat healthy, eating involves emotions. When you sit down with children to eat, you want to make the experience pleasurable, fun, and appealing. Try not to discuss negative things at the table. Encourage all children to not bicker and fight at the table. Instead concentrate on some of the good things that your child has done, some of the goals that he or she have accomplished. Compliment them and let them know how proud you are of them. You may even recall funny events that have taken place in the family.

2.Next, although I do not encourage cooking separate meals for children, unless some may have allergies, I encourage offering several different types of foods. The key is variety. The reason for offering the different types is that it gives them a choice. Also, it makes them feel they have some control over their eating. For so long we have had parents making children eat all of their food whether they want it or not. America is known for having obese children at early ages.

3.A sample of what might be offered for breakfast is cereal, toast, and fruit. Possibly a choice between 2different types of cereal, and 2 different types of fruit. Possibly a choice between sausage or bacon for those that eat that. Orange juice and/or milk. The main thing is to have choices. This way your child can pick what he or she wants and not feel there are no choices available. Let’s face it, we all have certain foods we may like better than others.

4.A sample for lunch or dinner might me, chicken, baked potatoes, corn, rice, green beans, peas, or even pizza, ravioli ,salad or spaghetti. Pickles or cucumbers cut up in vinegar and sugar can be included in these choices. Raw carrots, celery, or strawberries can be included in these choices. Dessert might be ice cream and/or cake. You might want to put a little whip cream on the cake in the shape of a happy face. Just be creative. Again, we see choices, they may pick some of the items suggested. Pick several food choices. Finally remember there are times that we are just not hungry. Well there are times that children might not be hungry either. Usually they will eat when they do get hungry.

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