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Thursday, February 2, 2012

How To Blog About Toddlers

Your experiences

Start writing down your thoughts and experiences that you have had with your toddler. Remember there is someone out there that may need to hear about your experiences and what you did to overcome some of your problems, concerns, or issues. These are just a few blogging tips. There is someone just waiting for your word of relief. Possibly someone has a friend or relative that needs to be encouraged, enlightened, and informed, in order to make intentional decisions for their life.

You can look around you daily and observe how you solve problems or concerns that you have with your toddler. These can be great things to write about. Some examples might be “How you get your toddler to take a nap or possibly you have a child with asthma. You may want to share and write about what you have learned from those experiences to help other.

Blogging Sites

Decide if you want to find a free blogging site to start or to pay a small fee and start your own blogging site. Remember it is always your choice. You never know whether it will work, unless you try and make the attempt. Several free sites that you could choose from might include blogspot.com, 2 Create a Website Blog, WordPress.com, or Free blogspot.org. Also, remember you can create more than one blogging site. You may have several passions.

Learn from others

Research other blogs and other sites to see what they are doing and how they are doing it. These are just a few more blogging tips. Still stay true to your own writing though. The Perfect Site Guide is Here & Free - 2 Create a Website Blog by Lisa Irby is a free ebook. Lisa outlines very important information that you need to know. Lisa also has free videos available for those that prefer videos. She has made a full-time living with her videos and website. A great thing about Lisa is she is not afraid to share with you how she did it. She is an inspiration and a great motivational leader.


There are many utube tutorials that are available for those of you that learn visually. Some that I really like are as follows: Tips on making utube videos by Lisa Irby, Beginners Create a Website Here by Lisa Irby, or Blogging Tips To Help You Make Money by Darren Rowse. Daren Rowse is at ProBlogger.net. He is another motivational leader. Again, remember to stay true to what it is that you want to write about. Always see what others are doing successfully in blogging.


If writing about toddlers or children is not your passion, find out what it is that you are passionate about and start writing. Possibly you are passionate about weight loss, exercising, birds, flowers, or hunting. Whatever your passion is start writing.

Need To Know

Finally remember that people want to know. People have a thirst for knowledge. Remember people want to increase knowledge. You are a unique individual and have much to offer others. It is up to you when you will start doing that. So don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t’ wait until later, but rather start now.

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