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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How To Promote A Good Father Figure For Your Child

Relatives can be great mentors.

1. Relatives.

Several children suffer from low self-esteem. If the biological father is not involved in a child’s life, sometimes an uncle, or grandfather possibly can become active with that girl or boy. This interaction can cause them to see what a man really is. This interaction can help promote a healthy relationship. The daughter can look at the type of father or grandfather to determine the type of husband she wants in her life.

2. Church.

Possibly there are not positive male role models that are relatives. In that case look to your church. Many times there are great male figures there.

Great mentors can be found in your church.

3. Mentors.

There are mentor organizations where men will help mentor your child for free. Mentors could take your child fishing, skiing, to the movies, or just out to eat.

Below is a video of Dr. Randal Pinkett on Judge Hatchett Show Mentoring a Teen. A very inspirational video.

4. Big Brothers or Peer Groups.

Big Brothers organizations have men that are available to help mentor your sons and daughters. Sometimes peer groups can be great mentors, because some children can identify with them more readily. Their hearts and minds are sometimes more open to their peer groups.


There are men that make babies, but that does not constitute a father.

Below are resources for possible mentoring organizations:



Please feel free to comment in the comment area below. How would you promote a good father figure?

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