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Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 Signs Your Toddler Is Becoming Independent

1. Sharing

When your toddler has started to share with other toddlers that is a key sign that your toddler is becoming independent. It is good to see your toddler interacting well with other toddlers. Remember there was a time when the only thing that you heard from your toddler was “Me, “Me, “Mines.”

2. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

There may come a time when you hear your toddler say, “I can do it myself.” Toddlers will possibly will take the initiative to do something on their own.

3. Questions

When your toddler starts questioning things you know your child is exerting some degrees of independence. Toddlers may not just accept orders that are given to them. Toddlers may want answers as to why they are doing what they have been told to do.

4. Mimicking

When you see toddlers mimicking something that you have taught them, you know that your teaching has been successful. It is a good feeling to see this happened. You might think to yourself, “ My toddler is remembering some things.”

5. Clingy

Is your toddler really clingy? Does your toddler not want to leave your side in many instances? As your toddler becomes more independent, you will discover that your toddler no longer wants to cling to you, but to venture out into new territory.

6. Making Choices

When your toddler is making an effort to solve a problem, be creative, or volunteering suggestions, this is definitely a sign of becoming independent. It shows independent thinking that toddlers can use. Toddlers will exert their decision-making abilities to make choices.

7. Encouragement

It is nothing wrong with encouraging your toddler towards independence also. Teaching, showing, and practicing things that your toddler needs to know. Your toddler will still need to be supervised, but it will be amazing to see his steps toward independence right before your very eyes.

Also, even though they might fail at attempting to try and do it themselves, you can still be there encouraging your toddlers.


You will still need to set limits, because you don’t want your child in harm’s way.

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