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Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Tips for Evergreen Blogging

Do You know what evergreen content is? Have you observed that some written articles seem more popular and tend to attract readers more? Learn more about evergreen content.

Evergreen Content

Although holiday writing and writing about special events are great, evergreen content tends to have that staying power.

1. Staying Power

According to wordstream.com evergreen content continues to be relevant long past its publication. In addition they suggest that “how to tutorials or even videos should be considered in helping content last longer. This does make sense because people generally always want to know how to make something, or how to deal with a certain problem, or as you may be doing now how to find out more information about content.

2. Creating Content

What is the big question for creating Evergreen Content? According to Kevan at blogbufferapp.com it is, “Will people still read this and think it's interesting a year from now?” I agree. If you observe below in my source area Keven wrote the article in 2012. Now hear I am in 2016 referencing from it, because this is good information that apparently has been around since and before that time.

3. Updating

Although you may write evergreen content, it does not mean that it will last forever. Content like everything else needs to be updated from time to time. We are living in a fast pace society.

4. Evergreen Content

A few subjects for evergreen content may include, Jesus, blogging, health, diy projects, or possibly social media. Jesus is a subject that I am sure will never become obsolete, because there are many that hold dear to their faith in Him. Now health is something that most are always looking for ways to improve the quality of. How many of you always have some type of project going such as home improvements. Our houses only get better, if we improve them. Now social media has been around for a long time and seemingly it is growing. Facebook is one of the biggest social media but as my granddaughter has said to me, “Facebook is for old folks 30 and older.” She says,”Instagram is where it is at.” I replied, “Oh really.” I guess different strokes for different folks. There is some type of social media platform here for everyone.

One of my evergreen contents is:  Do You Know the Awesome Rewards of Hugging Your Children  This particular article has so far received 441 pageviews. It was published in March of 2015.  I really like Pinterest. When I first started I did not have a clue as to what I was doing, but I found great content, great “how to's” and I learned along the way. In fact, I am still learning. So keep in mind I am not saying to stop writing about Christmas or Independence Day, just keep in mind that you want the content you write to have a long shelf life. You want your content to be viable for years and years.

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  1. Great information, Betty! I haven't heard of Evergreen posts before, but it bodes to be valuable for a blog in the long run. The idea that content should be relevant and still shareable long after you wrote it is a great idea to draw more traffic any time of the year. Thanks so much for sharing such an informational piece with us on #SHINEbloghop. So happy you were able to join us this week!

  2. Visiting from the HHGN Blog Party. Good post about Evergreen or Content (Blog Posts that Last). I liked it so much I pinned it. Please get social with me. I'm trying to build my blogger friend network as I feel it's so important to reach out to others. Nancy A @ obloggernewbie.blogpot.com

  3. Great post with good tips - thank you for sharing on Pin Worthy Wednesday

  4. Thanks for sharing at Coffee and Conversation, Betty! Keep that evergreen content comin'!
    And Merry Christmas :-)