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5 Children Birthday Party Ideas (Omg)

Do you want to do some fun things for the next birthday party for your children? Possibly you want to do something different and something unique? Possibly you would like a few unique ideas. There are a few things listed below that you might find interesting:

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1. Game Truck Party:

Are your children into video gaming? Most children love to play videos. Then why not have a video gaming party? The children can eat their pizza and cake before the Gaming Truck arrives. The Gaming Truck is a Mobil truck that travels throughout Michigan and other parts of the United States. When you book one of these parties, the children will just need to board the truck outside your home and start playing the video games of their choice. I have heard of traveling beauty salons and traveling dog grooming trucks. Now there is the Gaming trucks. The truck will have games such as Box 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and much more. They have parties for all ages. That is just awesome.

I like that the children are all contained in one area and the games are played on big screen televisions. The children just love it.

Gaming Truck Party

2. Swimming Party

I have attended one of these at the YMCA, G-5219 Pierson Road, Flint, Michigan, 48433. They are very nice. They provide you with a room for the food and where you will eat after you have been to the activities provided such as basketball. Then you
will head to the swimming pool. There is a sitting area right by the pool for the adults that might not be getting in the pool with their children. They also, have a kiddie pool less than 3 feet of water. These children parties were simple and sweet. They served pizza, cake, and pop. The children seem to really enjoy themselves and the parents did a great job at the party that I attended.

Genesys Athletic Club, 801 Health Blvd., Grand Blanc, Michigan, 48439, also sponsors swimming parties with this same setup mentioned above, but they are somewhat more expensive. Some of the children activities before getting in the pool may include basketball, soccer, or tumbling on a gymnastic pad. I found both of them to be very interesting.

3. Karaoke

Children will love singing their favorite songs on the Karaoke machine. You will be surprised at how talented they are when given a microphone and a chance to show off. I discovered this when the first graders performed in a talent show at school. They were so very talented with singing and dancing as well.

Art of Appreciation Gift Basket

4. Temporary Tattoos:

These can be applied to the outside of the drinking cups. There are a variety of theme characters that you might want to use such as the Toy Story theme or possibly Winnie-the-Pooh. Be sure to make sure the cups is clean and dry. It usually takes about 30 seconds to apply the tattoo characters to the outside of the cup.

5. Treats

Before the children leave the party, you may want to give them a bag of individual treats which may include candy.

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