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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Parent Child Dates

Play dating can be effective and a good thing whether you have one child or if you have several children.

One benefit is that it gives you individual time with your child one on one. Let us face it, many parents are working daily, attempting to run a household, may be a mother and a wife, or possibly a single mom, and or dealing with extra-curricular activities for their children. More and more parents are opting to make play dates with their children and spend that one on one individual time. The little ones love it too.

The play dates may depend on what you and your little one likes to do. Below are a few suggestions for play dates:

Mother and daughter spa day

Little girls love to get their nails done just like mommy. Possibly get their nails manicured and do a cute French tip. You both get your nails done at the same time.



Both girls and boys may love the arcades. Suppose you do not care for the arcades. You can still go for the sake of your child. There are various games in the arcards that they can play, such as the ones where they make a basket with the basketball, drive a car, play shuttle board, and much more.
Horse riding

Possibly, you can check into Horse stables that accommodate small children riding on a horse with proper supervision. Most children love animals. That can be a memorable experience for that child.


Go to the movie with your child. Your child will surely love this, because they are with you one on one. Possibly see a 3D movie, which will be even more fun. The 3 D movies just seem to jump out at you. I really do like them. They cost a little more, but they are worth it.

Your child will look forward to the play dates and will definitely come up with suggestions of places that they would like to go see.


I remember when I first started skating in the third grade after school. After I went the first time, I continued skating every week. I just love skating. Take your child skating. Whether it is, ice-skating or rollerblade skating. Therefore, if you do not skate, some days and hours will allow parents to come on the skating floor to help their child skating. Best of all your child will enjoy being with you.

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  1. Great tips! I loved having date days with my kiddos. Thanks so much for linking this at Counting My Blessings!