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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Should You Tell your Children they are Beautiful?

Have you ever worried that if you tell your girls they are beautiful and your boys they are handsome that they will begin to think they are better than others? Quite the contrary, telling your children they are beautiful builds their self-esteem.

Telling your children that they are beautiful is just one of the most positive things that you can do to build confidence in your children. Words are powerful. Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are is in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. Your words can give life to your children. 


You need to build your children up and help them have good self-esteem. Sometimes other children can be cruel by teasing or by just forming their own little clicks and excluding some children on purpose. Your home should be a safe-haven. Helping your child establish good self-esteem should start in the home. Be honest with your child. Besides telling your children they are beautiful tell them something about themselves that is good and that you have observed in them. For example if Sandra has beautiful eyes tell her that her eyes are beautiful and that you like the color of them. Every child is unique and different and every child has beauty within. Boys can be told that they are handsome and good-looking.


Children may not always feel good about themselves. So as a parent you can help them by telling them things you like about them that they are good at. For example, John might be good at problem solving. Let him know that. I have seen children solving problems and offering suggestions at a very young age. I believe I mentioned before while on a school field trip with First graders, most parents had came prepared with mosquito repellant, but none were prepared for several bees. When we ate lunch outside at the picnic table this one particular bee kept flying around us and attempting to land on the food. As a bee landed on the table, this amazing first grader took a cup and put it over the bee. This contained the bee while we ate without any problems. I commended him for such a great idea. The good thing about it was that his idea did work beautifully.

I recall watching a program on television where it was mentioned that while growing up, Michael Jackson felt as a young boy performing that everyone was watching his pimples and his nose. That was Michael Jackson's perception at the time, even though he had all of these great fans that loved him dearly. I am sure they did not perceive him that way. My daughter is an example. She was crazy about Michael Jackson and wore this large Michael Jackson Pin. When she joined church one day, she just happen to have worn that pin. The Minister commented, “I hope you love Jesus just as much as you love Michael Jackson.” Everyone laughed.


Beautiful is a powerful word. Children tend to listen to their peer groups. As a parent you want to build your children up to be and feel the best that they can be. Just think of how many children that have never been told they are beautiful by their parents.

So should you tell your children they are beautiful? Most definitely. It will be music to their ears. You should not just do it once and think that is a cure all. Children need to hear it often. It does carry a lot of weight when they hear it from you.  Your words can uplift their spirits and sustain them emotionally for the good.

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  1. When our children were small we used to say who's the bestest boy/girl in the world from as soon as they could lift their arms and we would show them to lift their arms and say me. They did not grow up thinking they were the best person in the world or that they were better than others but they grew up knowing we thought they were great and worth the effort of teaching them well. I'm beside you this week at The Blessing Counters Link up