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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why I Like 4 Particular Linky Parties

I have joined several linky parties. I have discovered that there are a few of them that I tend to like more than others even though all of them are good for great exposure. I am listing my top 4 linky parties that I really enjoy. Let me tell you why.

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I just recently found out about this one and it is a joy to attend this party. I definitely like the logo because it is bright, colorful, and right on time. They sometimes have over 130+ posts at their linky parties. Also, I have been featured here and this is great for exposure to my blog.

The owner of this site is Janice Wald. I really like this linky party because of the vast amount of information found here. Besides the party here I can always find a post here from Janice for several days of the week. After subscribing to her I can always expect numerous blogging tips in my email. In fact I really look forward to them. Also, I discovered at this linky party 18 facebook groups where I can post my blog articles. 

3. Paula's No Rules Weekend

Paula is the owner of this Linky Party.  Although I have never been featured here, this blog party will have at least 182+ posts. I like that there are a variety of posts there to read. I have also discovered other blog parties here as well. New blogging parties are starting daily at a variety of sites.

This one is my favorite of all 4 that I listed above.   I have become health conscious and I find so many awesome tips here at this blog. I also have been featured here more than once.  Deborah is the owner of this Party. I am so glad that I found this party. I like this party because it emphasizes health.Here you will find exercise tips, eco-friendly products, and much more.  Here you may find recipes that have no harmful additives. At this party I have met like-minded people. I have met new bloggers and learned from them. I do not believe there has been a time that I have been at the party and did not find something that was of great interest to me. Deborah always has great giveaways as well.

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  1. It is good to hear your perspective on these blog parties... and I have never heard of the last one, so plan to check it out. Thank you.

    1. Thank you gentle joy. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Thank you so much Betty for your generous mention of The Blogger's Pit Stop. I do try and make it interesting and helpful to our bloggers. Thank you for adding your posts which we look forward to.

    Blogger's Pit Stop

  3. Betty, the Blogger's Pit Stop Crew, chose this post to be featured. Congratulations and well done. Be looking for a feature on Friday.
    Blogger's Pit Stop

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I will look forward to it. Thanks for stopping bt

  4. My favorite blog linky is Blogger's Pit Stop too. Such great people host it and I always find something to read. (Yay! to Janice and her blogging tips)

    Zooming by via Blogger's Pit Stop

    Sara @SaraDuggan.Me

  5. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca.

  6. Hi Betty,
    Thank you so very much for linking to my linky parties and giving my Facebook article exposure.
    Congratulations on being the featured blogger at Pit Stop last week.