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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Healthy Teeth for Kids


It is not just enough to take your kids for regular checkups to the dentist. It is important to be aware of the snacks and foods that your children eat. Sometimes you may have healthy food available for kids, but it just make not look very appealing or pleasant to the eyes.

Healthy Lunches

I am so glad that First Lady Michelle Obama introduced Let’s Move in the schools. Children receive fresh vegetables and fruits daily. This is a great idea. There are still some parents that prefer to pack their children’s lunches. Just be sure that the lunches are healthy. Be sure that you send fresh fruit and vegetables that are cut to bite-size for your child. I always like to send cantaloupe or watermelon cut in bite sizes. Children love that. For children that are not really milk drinkers, you might try cheese, which can also be cut to bite-size or you can buy already cut.

You may want to include a note in their lunch to brighten their day such as “Have a good day “You are so handsome” or “you are so beautiful. “

Appealing Snacks

Try and make the snacks appealing. This may entice your child to eat those fresh fruits and vegetables. What about cucumbers, celery and carrots. You can arrange them to look like a flower as shown in the picture below:


Popsicles are another healthy snack. Kids love popsicles. Also I have observed in some hospitals after emergency visits, they will give children a Popsicle. Popsicles are great snacks in the summer time when it is really hot.

Healthy Eating Habits

By being a healthy example, this will encourage your child to do the same. Keep a variety of healthy choices of foods around your house. Healthy choices can include apples, cucumbers, carrots, melons, watermelon, and popcorn.


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