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Monday, May 13, 2013

Field Trip Essentials

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Essentials for your Kindergartener's Field Trip

When your kindergarteners go on their first field trip you want to be sure that they are prepared for the trip. If you are going to attend with your kindergartner you may want to look at this field trip list.

Change of Clothing

In the event your kindergartner might have an accident, it is good to bring an extra change of clothing if you are traveling with your child on this field trip. If they are going to be putting their hands in water, you might want to bring extra clothing also.

Bottled Water

Take plenty of bottled water so you kindergartner does not become dehydrated.

Mosquito Repellant

Some years the mosquitos are quite bad. Be sure to rub your kindergartener down with mosquito repellant and take repellant with you. I like the skin so soft bath oil. When they bathe in that it automatically acts as a mosquito repellant.


If there has been a lot of rain you may want your kindergartner to wear boots. It might be muddy out there. If they are going to farm, there is a possibility of being muddy.

Disposable Lunch Bag

Although plastic lunch bags are cute and nice, on a trip a paper disposable bag might be more convenient. In addition, the packages of Capri juices are handy so afterwards they can just dispose of both.


The weather may be nice and fine, but when you arrive at your destination, it could be possibly cooler than anticipated. It will not hurt to bring a light jacket.


Bring a camera or you can use your cellphone camera to capture this memorable event. Take lots of pictures of your kindergartner.

Bus Number

If you are traveling on the bus with your kindergartner, be sure to note the bus number before getting off the bus. There is the possibility that there will be many other buses there on that same field trip. You want to be sure to get back on the same bus. What tips do you have for Kindergartner field trip essentials?

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