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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best Summer Reading for Kids

1. Red sled by Lita Judge


This book is very colorful and it is loaded with pictures. It is about a bear that rides on a red sled and a little boy that rides on a red sled too.

2. Math for all Seasons by Greg Tang

This book uses math and all of the seasons. It will help teach and reinforce your child’s math skills. It includes counting in groups of two, sums of ten, groups of five and much more.

3. Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

I like this book, because it has ten ladybugs aligned in plastic with all different colors. Starting with 10, one ladybug is taken away. This really encourages your child’s math skills.

4. Batman Evolution by Greg Rucka

The little boys really like this book. It is a comic strip book. Although the print is somewhat small, they do not seem to mind. Batman always seems to save the day. This book has also received great reviews.

5. Captain America by Ed Brubaker

This comic book is about the civil war. Boys will just love this book. Captain America fights for his county. He fights numerous battles. It talks about him being in war times during Christmas.

6. I See the Me God Made by Laura Ann Miller

This book is great in hard cover for the little toddlers. It gives encouraging scriptures with pictures on each page. There are scriptures from Psalms, Proverbs, Hebrew and much more. It talks about God’s creations, the hand, nose, feet, and much more.

7. Dear God How Can I Help My Friend Feel better? By Flying Frog Publishing

This small quarter of a book in hard cover is just awesome. It also has a scripture on each page. It talks about fear, happiness, talents, and much more. The stories are very understandable for small children.

8. Dear God If I need Help, Will you Come To My Rescue? By Flying Frog Publishing

This is another book with great Bible scriptures to help your toddler. It talks about how God is always there to help. This book is in hard cover and small enough for a toddler to handle very well.

9. Walt Disney Wendy’s Adventure in Never Land by Bantam Book

This is a beginners reading book. It includes Captain Hook, Wendy, Tinker bell and Peter Pan. It will stretch your little one’s imagination. It talks about birthday parties.

10. Ernie’s touchdown By Lee Howard

This is a great interactive book for toddlers. It has an actual small rubber football in the book. It suggests that whenever you hear the word football in the story, to give the football a squeeze. Toddlers love to squeeze the football and hear it make that squeaky sound. Your toddler will love this.

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