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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Parents Say. . . .

I remember my parent saying, “Fold your money up and put it in your pocket. I thought what difference does it make whether my dollars are just in my hand or folded in my hand? No one explained why. After I became an adult, I realized good reasoning for folding the dollars up or at least putting the money in my pocket. When the money is in your pocket, it is not visible to the naked eye. When the money is open in your hand, anyone can walk by and snatch it out of your hand.

When you carry or expose a large sum of dollars in your hands, it sometimes becomes very enticing to robbers that may be lurking and waiting to get their hands on it. That would explain why parents might say do not carry that much money on you.

How many have had their parents says, “Because I told you so.” Most children want a reason. Most children are constantly asking, “Why?” Some children may accept, “Because I told you so”, but then you will have children that do not accept it and are curious to find out why their parents are not giving them the reason that they want to hear. Many times this child will end up in a lot of trouble, because of that.

I have heard parents telling their child, “Your daddy is going to get you when he comes home.” The only problem with that is by the time daddy gets home, mommy probably forgets all about it. On the other hand, daddy may not think that was as serious as mom did. Then you have the conflict between both parents.

As your parent spanked you, you might have heard the saying, “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” A child might think, “That is easy for you to say.”

Some parents may say, “I remember when.” Most children will respond with, “There he goes talking bout the olden days.”

“Do you think money grows on trees?” I cannot count the number of times that I heard that.

“If you get put in jail don’t call me.” That sounds cruel, but I have seen parents that have said that. They stood behind those words.

“When the street light comes on come home.” Sometimes if I was really having fun I would think, “Oh what the heck, if I am going to get a spanking, I might as well stay and have a good time as long as I can.” Do you remember some of the things that your parents used to say?

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