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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How To Make Conversation With Your Toddler

There is no need to feel uncomfortable any longer. Start having good conversation with your toddler. Start conversing. The sooner the better. You do not have to be at a loss for words any longer.

1. Assess

Assess your present situation and surroundings. Look around you. Just choose a subject. Ask your toddler his/her opinion. Give your toddler an honest compliment about him/her, his/her clothing, his/her thoughtfulness. The list could go on and on. Ask your toddler how he/she might feel about something. For example pick out one of the many books that you have read to your toddler and ask him/her what did they like most about the story.

2. Food

You could ask your toddler what their favorite food is to start a conversation. Usually just by asking the question is all that your toddler needs to get started talking in the conversation.

3. Jokes

Jokes are sometimes a good way to start a conversation. It will make your toddler feel at ease when talking with you. Maybe you feel you do not know any jokes to tell your toddler. That is no excuse. Just search the internet, you will find many clean jokes to tell your toddler.

4. Teacher

Maybe discuss what your toddler likes or dislikes about his/her teacher or daycare provider. I once remember my child disliking a teacher very much. When I mentioned the teacher’s name she had quite a lot to say about him. No it was not positive, but it did start my child to talking.

5. Practice

Have you ever heard “Practice makes perfect?” Well that is true. Maybe you might not do as well as you wanted the first time. Do not beat yourself up about it. Continue to practice and it will become easier and you should get better at it. Remember conversation is not just one-sided. Usually you can start the conversation by asking certain questions.

6. Who, What, When, and Why

These are things to remember to help in your conversation with your toddler. Possibly ask your toddler something beginning with “Who, What, When, and/or Why.”

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