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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How To Teach Your Toddler To Be Polite

Thank you can mean a lot to someone.

You need to be persistent and patient. You need to answer any questions your toddler may ask, such as “Why?”

1. How many times have you been at a store and witnessed a toddler being loud and obnoxious. You need to start early as soon as they are able to talk. Toddlers may start talking and saying sentences as early as 12 months. Because toddlers minds are like sponges that absorb everything, they really want to learn and are more than eager to please.

2. Some of the basic politeness words are thank you, Please, excuse me, May I?, and will you? These are words that you can incorporate in your everyday activities.

3. For example: When asking your toddler to do something you might say, Johnny will you sit your flash cards on the table for me please.” Also, when your toddler asks you for something if he is demanding such as “give me some water?” You just restate it and say, “Give me some water please?” or you might say, “May I have some water please?” When your toddler hands you a toy or even a ball, tell him/ her thank you. Also, do not forget praise. Praise him/her by saying I really appreciate that, you are a big help to me. Toddlers love to mimic, so they will eventually mimic this behavior and it will become a lifestyle for him/her.

4. Be persistent. It takes 21 days for a habit to form. Make this a natural lifestyle to emphasize politeness. Before you know it, it will be common to hear your toddler say, please or excuse me. This is a part of social skills that will help your toddler as he/she goes though life . It wil help give balance to his/her life.

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