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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Program Your Child For Greatness

A pregnant mother in her third trimester

1. Search the meanings of Names

Take time to search out the meaning of names before naming your child. Look for the characteristics in the name that you want your child to pattern after. If you are naming your child an African, English, German, or even biblical name, search out the meaning of the name. Although there were great authors in the Bible, there are some names in the Bible I would not dare to name a child. Think about it? Some people have named their children Easter or April. I wonder was much thought given before deciding that. The name April comes from the Latin origin meaning to open. The Biblical name Ruth comes from the Hebrew origin and it means “ friend. “

In America you have the right to name your child what you want, I am just saying know why you are naming your child that, and investigate to be sure you are making a sound choice. Take for example the name Joy. I know a lady that named her baby Joy after another lady by that name. She named her after a coworker that was very joyous most of the time. Now when you look up the meaning of Joy, it is from Latin origin and means exactly what it says "joy." Names give meaning to lives. Some people have no choices many times with last names. For example, I knew of a lady with the last name of “Roach.” Every time I heard the name “Roach” I thought of bugs. What about unisex names such as Chris. Could be a girl or a boy? Think about this before naming your child. What about girl’s that are named “Sam?”

The name you determine will define your child with family, friends, and everyone that he/she will meet for the rest of their lives. Biblical names Abraham and Sarah meant father and mother of many nations. This has come to pass.

Let’s look at a few more names below:

2. Creflo Dollar

Take a look at that name. Besides the fact that he is a famous minister, when you hear the name Dollar, you immediately think about money. Creflo teaches prosperity and maintains that God does not want you to be “broke, busted, or disgusted. “ He has definitely fulfilled his name “Dollar.”

2. Joel Osteen

Let’s look at the name Joel. This name is of Hebrew original and means “Jehovah, Lord Yahweh is God, or Jesus.” He has fulfilled his name. Besides the fact that he pastors one of the largest churches in America, he cannot help but spread the Gospel regarding Jesus Christ. Also, the fact that this is a biblical name and a book of the Bible.

3. Cute Names

Do not just pick a name for your child because you think it is cute. Give consideration that the name could cause him/her embarrassment throughout there school years and/or cause them to be the brunt of teasing and humiliation. Also, ask yourself is it going to be a long difficult name that even the teacher can barely pronounce and/or spell? Sometimes parents take little time in researching and determining what they will name their child. How many times have parents wanted a boy and had a girl. Then they precede to name that girl Jo. How many times have children grown up to become adults and changed their names, because they did not like it.

4. Family Member

Sometimes it is admiral qualities to name a baby after a mother, father, or special relative, especially when a Jr or a Third is involved. It is important to let that child know who they were named after and why. It is good to share personal stories regarding that special person and to let your child know how special he or she is.

Do you know the reasoning behind naming your child?





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