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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Prepare Your Toddler For School Photographs

Sleeping child

1. Sleep

Be sure your toddler gets a good night sleep. Be sure to have an established routine as to the time your toddler goes to sleep each night. Your toddler should be well rested the day that the photograph will be taken.

2. Breakfast

All school programs do not include FREE breakfast. Be sure that your toddler gets a fresh start with a nourishing breakfast. You want to insure that your toddler is prepared for the photograph that will be taken.

Scrambled eggs and pre-made pastries

3. Brochures

Be sure to read the brochure or pamphlet that may be sent home from school with your toddler. Observed what the background colors will be. Choose your toddler’s dress accordingly. You want to choose colors that will not clash with the background colors. Colors are very important. They will and can enhance the look of the picture.


Talk to your child before the day that the photograph will be taken. Explain to your child that his/her picture will be photographed. Talking to your toddler will help dissolve some of the fears or concerns your toddler might have. Definitely talk to your toddler about “smiling” when he/she is photographed. Possibly take a few photographs of your toddler at home and show them to your toddler. Practice makes perfect.

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