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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrating Toddlers Birthdays

1. Pinning a dollar on your shirt

Are you familiar with people walking around with money pinned to their shirt? Well it has been said it is traditional for some to do that on their birthdays and at birthday parties in order to get more money. It is not only traditional at birthday parties, but there has been observation of children and adults wearing pinned money on their shirts at church, in the stores, and various other places.

2. Karaoke

Karaoke has become a very popular event for birthday parties. This is the time when individuals or groups may come to the microphone and sing, tell stories, or poems. Most of the time it is singing though. Usually there will be a screen showing you the words as you sing along with the music. This can be fun and entertainment. It is especially entertaining to watch toddlers perform. This is a time where you do not have to have a great voice. You only have to be daring and willing to attempt it.

In observing some karaoke parties, there have been times a group of ladies might sing together, while the group of men danced as if in a performance. There are various disputes about who first invented the name karaoke. There is the one claimed that the karaoke style machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan, in 1971. Unfortunately Inoue never patented his invention. In 1975 Robert del Rosario, developed a sing along system and patented it in the

3. Famous people

There have been some parties where there was sharing of famous people that were born on that day. This can be quite popular when there is a certain person that the toddler might admire. Some stores have books that tell about events that were occurring on the day that a person was born.

4. Huckleberry Junction Playhouse Theatre

Some toddlers and adults love to celebrate their birthday parties at Huckleberry Railroad Playhouse Theatre. There you can have pizza, play games, and enjoy the great customer service. The children usually love the birthday performance that they see and the different games that they can play during the birthday party. Children can win tickets from the games and turn them in for actual prizes of their choice.

5. Clowns

Clowns have become very popular over the years for providing entertainment for toddlers. They are funny and cause toddlers to laugh and be amused.

6. Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are inflatable structures that have flexible outer membranes. They are filled with air or helium. The first inflatable structure originated in 1959 by John Scurlock in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts. It was at that time he noticed his employees enjoyed jumping on the covers. One of his greatest achievements was the invention of the safety air cushion that is used by fire and rescue departments to catch people jumping from buildings or heights. When observing toddlers playing in the bounce house, you can see the joy, laughter, and the fun that they experience. The bounce house provideds hours of endless fun for toddlers.

7. Piñatas

Piñatas are believed to have originated among the Aztecs, Mayans, and other native people of Mexico. The Mayans played a game where the main player’s eyes were covered with a cloth while he tried to hit the pot that was suspended by a string. Piñatas are a favorite activity to have at toddler birthday parties. A piñata is a brightly-colored decoration made from either a clay container or cardboard shape covered with papier-mâché. There may be several variations of this. There have been piñatas that are wrapped in light weight paper colored bags filled with a variety of candy. Generally the toddlers will line up and take turns throwing the piñata against a hard surface until the bag burst and the candy then falls out of the bag. Again, there may be several variations of how this game is played. The children may or may not be blindfolded during this game.




Photo caption: Huckleberry Junction.com and WikiPedia.Org

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