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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Communicate With Your Child’s Teacher

1. Volunteering

If you are able, do volunteer at your child’s school. Volunteers are needed for the classroom, lunch room, and other areas. Volunteering does not necessarily have to be everyday, but when you are able and available.

2. Parent/Teacher Conference

This is utmost important to meet with your child’s teacher and assess how your child is doing? Listen to what the teacher has to tell you. Be prepared with questions that you might want to ask the teacher such as, “Are there specific things you want me to work on with my child?” “Does my child have homework every night?” This is important because sometimes children will say they have no homework, when in reality they do. Some teachers have a website established where you can check daily or weekly to see what the homework assignments are. This procedure is great. Sometimes if you have more than one child in school and you have children that are passing classes, having maybe 5 teachers or more, you might want to be sure that your spouse or relative comes with you. Then you can split up and your spouse and/or relative visit a few of the teachers, and you visit the other. I have seen many parents do that, especially when more than one child is involved.

3. Accessibility

Become accessible to the teacher. Letting him or her know that you are available if there is a problem or concern regarding your child. Be sure the teacher has your correct home number, cell phone number, and work number if that is possible.

4. Field Trips

Definitely attempt to go on the field trips with your child or possibly see if your spouse, sister, aunt, or even a grandparent can attend if your work or illness will not permit you to do so. You will be surprised at how much this will mean to your child and the teacher. Also, you may find that you enjoy it. Be sure that you receive the proper information as to how your child should dress for the field trip, especially in cooler or cold weather.

5. Stranger

Do not be a stranger to your child’s school or teacher. Regular visits will help ensure that your teacher knows you are the parent of, for example,( John Doe).





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