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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love Or Lust? Educate Your Child On The Difference

Boy holding a love heart

1. Chemistry

Have you heard your child say? “He’s so fine.” “ I feel so good when I am with him.” “I get goose bumps just being near him.” Is it love or lust? Lust stirs up feelings and emotions. When dating,these emotions may get stirred up. Sometime your child might say,“I am so attracted to John.” “The chemistry is definitely there.” Again,think about it. Is it love or lust? It might just be better to date in groups when your child is of dating age.

Couples gazing into each others eyes

2. Romance Novels

I am not complaining about romance novels, but the contents of some of them tend to stir up the lust. Have you read some of the romance novels? They paint a vivid picture. Possibly it is not a good idea for teenagers or children to read these romantic love stories. Their hormones may already be raging and then reading the romance novels just add to it.

3. Feelings

Feelings and emotions change. You cannot rely on them. When young people are dating, it is important to date in groups, rather than alone. I mentioned that earlier in this article. It gives the young person a chance to see how their date adapts to certain situations. It allows others in the group to observe the character of the date. Also, others in the group may see and observe things that the young person might not see.

Teenagers kissing

4. True Love

Have you asked yourself, “What is the meaning of love?” “How do you find true love?” Explain to your child that loves is a combination of characteristics. It is action, putting your money where your mouth is. Patience, kindness, unselfishness, self-control, and wanting the best for the other person. These are a few characteristics of love. How many can you think of? Ask your child have they seen these actions in another?

What are you feelings on this subject?

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