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Monday, April 5, 2010

Do You Want To Educate Your Children About The Dangers Of Chat Rooms?

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1. Safety

Children may think it is okay and safe to talk in a chat room, but do they really know who they are really talking to? The picture that the predator may send them may indeed not be who he says he is

2. Trusting

It is a good idea to have the computer where a parent is available to supervise, but you cannot watch your children 24/7. That is where the education comes in. Remind them they are not to trust others by way of conversation in a chat room. Inform them how a predator may ask personal information. Inform them that that information is personal and if it was the predators business then the predator would not have to ask. Inform them how a predator may try to befriend them to make them feel special. Just like they would not talk to a stranger, they should behave the same way on a computer.

3. Missing Children

Show them pictures and reports of missing children and remind them that no one thinks it will happen to them.

4. Emotional Involvement and Chatting online

Explain to your children about the dangers of discussing their feelings and emotions in a chat room. Let them know when they do that, they are showing a part of themselves which is what the predator wants in order to betray them. Your children may feel you don’t understand, but let your children know your ultimate concern is for their safety and well-being.

5. Meeting

The goal of the predator is to gain your child’s confidence and control. Then probably suggest meeting somewhere. Emphasize to your child this is a trap and that often it may be a sexual offender meeting them to possibly kidnap or murder them. The predator wants to get your children alone.

A video from dateline showing an actual online predator age 48 in action attempting to meet a 13-year-old girl The predator just happens to be a doctor and does not realize he is talking to a decoy.


Below is an article about how Chris Hansen from MSNBC dateline setup a sting operation on catching an online predator in Kentucky


Captions: Fotosearch.com

Feel free to comment. Have you lost a child that started chatting online? Would you share your story to help others?

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