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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Recognize If Your Toddler Is A Leader

Two young boys reading.

1. Teaching.

Have you ever observed your toddler playing with others? Does your toddler want to follow instruction or rather take the lead to teach and instruct? This is a sign of effective leadership.

2. Different.

Does your toddler stand out, indicating that he or she wants to be different and make a difference?

3. Take the Lead.

Leaders will usually take the lead without being told. When with a group of children, will your toddler automatically take the lead and not think twice about doing so? Does he or she speak up for the “underdog?” What is in your toddler’s heart will come out. They cannot hold their piece. This type of toddler’s self-esteem is just the opposite of the low self-esteemed child. This toddler is very confident and bold like a lion.

4. Questioning.

Is your toddler curious? Does your toddler not accept everything he or she is told, but rather question certain things? Does your toddler show independence “wanting to do it themselves?” These are all leadership qualities. Believe it or not there are those toddlers that are just as content to set back and let someone else do it.

Below is a video of a study done with several different schools in Ontario, by Denese Belchetz, Coordinating Superintendent, York Region DB. It is titled “All Children Can Achieve Leadership Matters.”


Another interesting video below is “The Leader in Me.”


Please feel free to comment in the area below. Do you have a toddler that shows leadership ability?

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