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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Be A Witness For Your Child To See

Father and son proclaiming their faith

1. Sharing.

When the Lord Jesus has been good to you or has done great things in your life, you may be so joyous and happy that you want to share it with someone. Allow your child to see that joy. That is normal. Someone might ask, “How do I share my faith without offending someone?” My answer would be, “Look for opportunity.”

2. Grocery Store.

Have you ever been in the grocery store chatting while in line? During the course of the conversation you can share what the Lord has done for you. For example, you might be in a conversation and that person has shared with you that they really want to have children. Let that person know that there is nothing too hard for God. You are more like an expert eye witness, because you know, that you know, that you know, what the Lord has done for you. This is the opportunity to share how the Lord has blessed you. If your child is there in the line with you, your child will be able to see how you are sharing your faith.

People waiting in line.

3. School Activity.

Ever had a conversation while waiting during a school activity? You might be in a conversation with someone that lost a loved one to cancer. This is the opportunity to share that God’s word is alive and that He is the only one that can give them peace and comfort them. This allows the other person to know they he or she is not alone. You are stating your case and testifying to what you know to be true for you. You are speaking from your heart. Again, a great time for your child to see you doing this.

Parents registering children for school.

4. Good Listener.

Have you ever talked with someone that could not wait for you to finish so they could talk? Try and be a good listener. Don’t be so anxious to prosecute or accuse the person. Don’t be so anxious to share about Jesus. Use the wisdom God gave you. Know that there is a time and place for everything. This may just be your time to listen.

Girl whispering in ear of a boy.

Tips: Don’t be quick to judge or condemn.

Please feel free to comment in the area below. Have you shared your faith with anyone today?

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