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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Bloggers Meet and Greet Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2019

October is  Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At some point in time you may know or have known a friend or relative that has been affected by Cancer. Cancer affects the entire family. A few ABC simple things that you can do to help with Breast Cancer Awareness.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

A. Prayer

Prayer is very powerful. Especially for those that believe in the power of prayer. Pray for those diagnosed with Cancer. Be sure to include them on your prayer list. Ask your family and others to pray with you.

B. Asking

Sometimes just asking the cancer patient or family member how you can help, is another relief. The patient may tell you they need help with child care, house cleaning, grocery shopping, or even transportation to appointments, because the side effects of chemotherapy may leave them feeling completely drained of energy.

C. Social Media

Talk it up on social media. There are so many more social media platforms today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog or website, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, Utube, and much more. I love Pinterest as a great source. I have a breast cancer awareness board . There are so many rich full pins here. Since this is a group board I have several awesome contributors that I cannot thank enough. You can feel free to join this board at any time.


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