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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Can You Hear Me Now?

* * * How Not To Be A Victim * * *

How to stop blaming

There is no need to be a victim. You can choose to start taking responsibility for your life. There is no need to continue with a pity party for yourself. You can choose to move on and become the victor.

1. Bullying

Are you a victim of bullying? I have observed in the schools that they are now talking about and teaching children how to not be a victim of bullying. Even though Michigan was the next to the last state to approve the anti-bullying law, I am thankful that it did finally get approved. As I talked with several elementary school children they explained to me that a policeman came to their school, talked to them, and gave them examples of bullying. They explained to me if they stand by watching someone getting bullied and do nothing, they were not helping. They emphasized how they are instructed to tell the bully to stop. They also emphasized they are to inform a teacher, someone in authority, and their parents also about such incidents.

I recall my daughter coming home from middle school and telling me how kids were teasing a girl about the father killing the mother. I thought this was horrible. So did my daughter. I was so proud when she told me she stood up for this girl and told the other kids to stop it. Mind you my daughter was a very quiet girl and said very little to anyone normally, but that particular day she was not quiet.   This is sad that kids can be so cruel.

2. Stop Blaming

So many times we so easily blame others for our short comings. Why not take responsibility for your life. I have been just as guilty. How many times have you said, “If only he didn't do this, things would be so much better?” or maybe you have said, “If she would just change, it would make my life so much better.” Well if we are waiting for others, we may end up waiting all of our life. Something that I have learned is that although I do not have control over everything, there are a few things in my life that I do have control over.

3. Job Loss

If you are blessed to still have a job that is great. Sometimes the loss of a job can be a blessing, because then it is time for you to move on to bigger and better things. You can either be the victim and talk about how your employer did you wrong or you can move on. Everyone's circumstance is different. You could consider going back to school to further your education. Possibly you may want to change careers. There is nothing written that says you have to stay in the same career. God has given us all creativity in our spirit. So there may be numerous jobs you can do successfully. You just need to find out which one it will be. I recall one of my jobs evolved around basically nothing but computers and schedules. I did not like computers, but God showed me that there was so much to learn about them, because computers are everywhere. I even use to joke with my co-workers that I dreamed we were watching television and playing games on the computer. They laughed then. Eventually that did become a reality, because now it is even commonplace to watch a movie on the computer, Ipad, or even iphone. So remember life is what you make it. Learn not to be a victim, but become the victor.

4. Practice Gratitude

Have you tried practicing gratitude? Possibly you say to yourself that you have nothing to be thankful for. That is a big mistake. If you look hard enough there are so many things that you can be thankful for. While practicing being thankful it is hard to play the victim at the same time. So practicing gratitude is a choice. Do you want to choose to be a victim or to be thankful. Maybe you need to start small. Think of one thing that you are thankful for and then add on to that thought. I have a grandchild that keeps me mindful of gratitude. Any of my grandchild’s activities that I may attend I am always told, “Granny thank you so much for coming.”  What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Yes, I always start my day in prayer and gratitude and this is a great reminder. Thank you for sharing at the #TrafficJamWeekend Linky Party


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