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Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother (Biological or Adoptive)

Whether you are a biological or an adoptive mother, you are valuable. Mother's play key roles in helping to raise strong adults for future generations.

Mother's Day

Although you may work 9-5, possibly 2 jobs, or even longer hours daily away from home, a mother's job is never done. Mother can leave work to come home to more work. God gives her strength that she never knew she had.

1. CEO of the Household

How many single mothers are there? Some single mothers do not have the luxury to stay at home with their children. They may have to work in order to pay the bills and support their children. These mothers are selfless in that they are doing what they have to do to insure that their children will have a better life than they did. Still there are others that prefer to work and have chosen a career path that is best for her family. She still manages to care and be responsible for her children.

2. Foster Mother

I have had several mother figures during my lifetime. One of them was a foster mother. Now just like anything else there are good foster mother's and there are bad foster mother's. In fact, I am sure there is still a need for good foster mothers. Unfortunately, I was with a foster mother at age 3. My mother and father were not married and my father went to court for custody. Eventually the court granted him custody, but for me it seemed like an eternity. I am sure my foster mother did the best that she knew at the time, but I only remember her allowing a little boy older than me to hit me in the head all of the time. Now this continued again for what seemed like an eternity until one day when my mother came to visit and she witnessed it. My mother did not hold her tongue and started speaking in what we at church call (different tongues, but not holy ones). After my mother finished talking the little boy never bothered me again. That was a time that I was so glad to see my mother.

3. Grandmother

Thank God for grandmother's. Unfortunately many grandmother's are raising their grandchildren at early ages now. When my father was granted custody of me, I went to live with him and my grandmother. My grandmother was very strict, unlike my father who was very lenient. Things I could get away with my father I could not do with my grandmother. She was tiny and petite, but was a very stern woman. I loved her, because I know now she did the best that she could at the time.

4. Housekeeper

Now my grandmother was older so my father hired a housekeeper, Ardelia. I will never forget her. She was very kind and would comb my hair. Her spirit was very calming and loving.

5. My aunt

How many are thankful for aunt's,cousin's, or even sister's for mother figures. Eventually my grandmother and I moved up north to live with my aunt. That was a stormy time at times. It started off good in the beginning and I loved being there until some of my family started drinking. Then there were good times and bad times. Again, I know that my aunt and my uncle did there best at the time and I am thankful that I was able to graduate and go to college. So as the saying goes, “give honor where honor is due.” all of these people influenced my life and I am thankful for it. So regardless of if you are a biological, adoptive, or mother figure guess what ? “you are a mother.”

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