Saturday, July 30, 2016

Five Tips to Go Green

People and organizations are starting to go green. Everyone is getting into that act. Society is becoming more aware of the benefits to improve our status of living.

Going Green

There are numerous ways that you can go green. Also, note that organizations are tending to go green. You may want to pick a few of them. Going green is becoming more popular as more people become conscious and aware. A few tips are listed below:

1. Energy Star Washing Machine

Energy StartUpdate

Did you know that more than 45 of United State Households Purchase Energy Star Certified Products? It is the simple choice for energy efficiency. Although I have an Amana washer, it does have an Energy Guide stating if used with an electric water heater, there is a savings of $80.00 a year. I love my washing machine.

2. Your Health

Someone might ask the question, "What is in it for me if I go green?" According to  
Ten Reason Why We Should Go Green, you can contribute to green house emissions and when you use natural cleaning products, you will have the ability to breathe better. In addition, chemical-free paints on walls safeguards your family against toxic exposure. You probably never have imagined how much your breathing can be affected by chemical usage.

3. Paperless

Have you considered going paperless? My bank, credit union, telephone company, and many other organizations are encouraging customers to go paperless in an effort to go green. Even now when you make a purchase in a retail store, they are offering to send your receipts to your email or as a text to your cellphone.

4. Lifestyle

According to Conserve-energy-future-.com, by replacing traditional bulbs with CFL's, LED's you can save energy and money. Practicing going green can become a lifestyle. I know that is right, because we switched to the (CFL) bulbs about 7 or 8 years ago and I noticed that the bulbs last longer, I cannot remember when I last changed a light bulb. So I know personally that it does make a difference.

5. Recycle

A good way to help the environment is to recycle. Since Flint has been going through the water crisis of having the water poisoned, we have used a lot of bottled water. Although there have been many that came to our aide with bottled water until the crisis has been corrected, we are still faced with the empty plastic water bottles after the water has been consumed. We are recycling the plastic bottles. There is pickup for them every week. This recycling also sets an example to generations to come, to be aware of helping the environment.  I would love to hear from you. What are you doing to go green?

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