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Monday, June 13, 2016

What is a Daddy?

A Daddy is very important to the family, just as the mother is. Many young girls are looking at their father to discover the type of man they want to marry.

My Daddy

The Daddy is important to the daughter and to the son. How many times have you heard a young man say, “My daddy was not there for me or I did not know who my daddy was.” Some may call their daddy dad, pops, or father.  Then others may have had a daddy, but had no relationship with their daddy.

Moral Compass

I recall my husband, who is a Viet Nam Veteran sharing with me that he was a Points Man in the army. He explained the Points Man would go ahead of his battalion to scout out any enemies or disasters that may be ahead of them. Someone has said that the father is like a Points Man or a moral compass for his family. He is always looking out for his family's well-being. He is a protector or a fixer. God has designed him that way. I recall one Father's Day my Pastor asked several men to come before the congregation and share about their fathers. Unfortunately, there was one that stated he honestly did not have any fond memories of his father, only negative ones. That was so sad to hear.


According to Dr. Gail Gross, Huffingtonpost.com girls tend to look for men that have characters like their fathers and boys tend to emulate their fathers. I have seen those that have said, “ I am nothing like my father or I do not want to be like that man.” In reality though there may be some characteristics where they are just like their father whether they like it or not. I recall that we did not have a car when I lived with my father and grandmother, but I remember catching the bus with him to go to the Carnival. I loved to go to the carnival. My father worked as a Porter at the train station in Gary, Indiana. I always loved to ride the train, it had a distinct smell that I really cannot describe.


Although my father nor my grandmother attended church, I discovered that my neighbors went to church every Sunday. My father allowed me to go with them. I wanted to know about God and what church was about. I started praying and asking God for what I wanted at a very young age. My father was kind and soft spoken, I had never heard him raise his voice, even when my mother would fuss at him often. Even when he punished me with a small tap on my legs, he always sat me down and explained why beforehand. He always let me know there was a consequence for my action.


A Daddy may be a mentor or not necessarily the biological father. While a mother is important, it is equally important for the father to take time with his daughters and his sons. I recall a young man telling me how much he respected his father and made it a point to not curse in front of his father out of respect. He pointed out that he was from a large family and that his father took time with him and his brothers to take them fishing and teach them to hunt. He proudly said that because of that he was an expert shooter.

Think about your father. Can you find any pleasant memories about him?

Happy Father's Day to Fathers  and to the single mothers that have been father and mother to their children.


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  1. My Daddy means the world to me. He made me who I am today. When my mother died when I was just 14, Daddy chose to raise my brother and I alone instead of sending us to live with his family in the country the way many men we know did. I am so glad you shared your valuable thoughts and insights about being a Dad at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I'm Pinning and sharing this!

  2. Your most welcome Deborah. Thank you for sharing with us about your daddy. That was quite awesome the decision that your daddy made.