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Monday, December 14, 2015

Tips for a Peaceful Christmas Season

Please welcome guest speaker Keri Snyder. She has graciously agreed to give us a few tips for this Christmas Season. Thank you so much Keri.

Christmas tips

As the holidays approach, I often hear many people complaining about how busy they are. And they are. I listen to them list all of their responsibilities and activities and it overwhelms me. The last thing I want is an overwhelming holiday season, and I think that is the last thing you want too. 

So how do we fight against the overwhelm? Is it even possible to have a peaceful Christmas season? Friends, I am here today to say that it is possible. Here are three tips that have helped me fight the overwhelm and welcome the peace. 

It is okay to say no.

You do not need to do everything, be everything, and attend everything. Before I commit to anything, I say I will let them know. Then I go home, look at my calendar, and talk to my husband. We do not like having an overwhelmed calendar so we have to say no to things sometimes so we can say yes to our family. 

Keep it simple.

Just because your mama made homemade cookies does not mean you have to. You do not have to do all of the Christmas crafts or every advent activity presented. Ask yourself what it is that you want to do? What excites you? Do that. What fills you with dread and overwhelm? Don't do that. 

Make a plan. 

I know not everyone is a planner, but during December it can be helpful to make a plan to prevent overwhelm. Once you write everything down on a calendar, you may see that you have to eliminate a few things. It will also help you see where there is open space to go Christmas shopping or have a family night. 
We can have a calm and peaceful Christmas, friends. We do not have to choose to be overwhelmed this Christmas. Doesn't a peaceful and calm Christmas filled with the things that lift you up sound much more enjoyable that a stressful one? 

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Meet Keri:

Wife to Nick and mom to three wonderful children. I love to use my day-to-day, moment-by-moment life in South Carolina to pour inspiring truth into women. Outside of the Gospel, my sweet family, and the words at Living In This Season (http://livinginthisseason.com), I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate, coffee, and a good planner. Connect on Instagram: https://instagram.com/kerilynnsnyder/