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3 Ways to Inspire Kids

There are numerous ways that you can inspire kids. Everyone needs inspiration even children. It does not take a lot of work, but rather being intentional in what you are attempting to do.

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I have discovered a few things that will inspire children and also can inspire adults as well. Inspiration is something that we all can use at some time or another. Inspiration is something that just helps us to feel really good.


According to Womansday.com, rather than over assist with helping your child, give your child responsibility. I agree. As your child grows, your child should be able to assume more responsibility. Sometimes you may just ask your child to help assist you setting the table or just carrying a small item for you. Children are very resourceful and usually love to help especially when they feel valuable. Each child has their own special abilities. Sometimes whatever they are good at might be the thing that you ask them to help with. 

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Proverbs 18:21. Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. And those who love it will eat the fruit thereof. Your words not only give life to your kids, but inspires them to want to do better. You can never praise your child too much. Some examples of praise phrases you might use are as follows:
very good, awesome job, that was a good catch, good job, that is incredible, that is excellent or marvelous, your the best, or well done. These types of phrases are very uplifting to the spirit and they make you feel really good about yourself. Be sure to say the phrase with a nice big smile. Everyone loves a friendly face.

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Remind your children about what makes them unique. There is no other person like them, even if they have a twin. There is something unique about each one that makes them who they are. One child may be great at math and love math, whereas another child may be good at singing. Observe your children and discover what it is that each child is good at.  Discover what your child does with little to no effort.   I recall attending a talent show at an elementary school. The first graders were oh so talented. There were those that sang, some danced, and others told jokes. Most of the children performed seemingly very easy. They were very creative. What other ways do you know to inspire children?

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10 Ways to Inspire Your Kids

Proverbs 18:21

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  1. I have always found that children really love to help. They love feeling needed and welcome. My boys absolutely love coming along side me to work side by side.
    It is wonderful!

  2. I love the reminder to find what makes our children unique and focus on those things. They are all so different, aren't they!

    Thanks for a thought-provoking blog post.

    I came over on the While I'm Waiting link up.

    Nice to meet you,

    1. Your welcome Melanie. Thanks for stopping by anointedtoday.blogspot.com.

  3. Finding what kids are good at and enjoy is so important. Our oldest finds things very easy to do. Our middlest - not so much! We have found that she is really good at art so I try to expose her to any type of art museum/art medium that I can. She loves when people tell her she's good at it! Praise goes a long way! Thanks for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!

    Holly @ www.iwillservewhileiwait.blogspot.com

    1. Holly congratulations on finding your children's bent. That is so awesome.