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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kids Should Not Keep Secrets

Have you talked to your kids about keeping secrets? That is a conversation that you might want to have with them in order to protect them from predators. 

keeping secrets from parents

Good Secrets

A child needs to know the difference between a good secret and a bad secret. According to kidsafefoundation a good secret has a time limit on it. They further discuss an example of a good secret such as a surprise birthday party. At some point this is no longer a secret. The example of a bad secret could be a friend telling you that her brother hits her and making you promise not to tell your parents.

Kids Rights

When some children are asked to keep a secret they feel guilty if they tell the secret.  Having a discussion before this happens can put kids somewhat at ease. According to the National Crime Prevention Council no one has the right to ask a child to keep a secret from the parent, no one including a relative has the right to touch a child inappropriately, or if a secret can hurt someone the parent needs to be told. They further add to let your kids know that they can tell you anything and you will not blame them and you will be supportive of them.

More Bad Secrets

Games that break the parents safety issues, anything that bothers kids by keeping it a secret, presents or favors such as money given, but asked to keep it a secret is not good according to kidpower.org. Children do not understand the importance and that they could be opening themselves up to a predator that feels if the child will keep one secret then the child can be targeted for the sick agenda of the predator.


When you have this conversation with your children, give them the words to say.  If they are asked to keep a secret, your child might respond by saying, "I don't keep secrets from mommy and daddy." This is suggested by dailystrength. Org. I like that. Although that had been a discussion that my parent had with me early in life. I recall when I was 11-years-old, I was offered money and told I needed to keep it a secret. Even though I really wanted the money, I politely responded,  “If I cannot tell my parent, then I do not want it.” I was never approached by that individual again, and I did tell my parent. So this is definitely a conversation you want to have with your children when they are at least at the age of 4 years depending on your child’s development. Children are very perceptive now at early ages. Let's keep them safe.

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