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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Four Important Eye Tips

Sometimes you may take for granted your eyes and/or other important parts of the body. Preservation of your eyes should never be overlooked. Your eyes are precious. Be sure to treat them like that.

It is important to maintain your eye health in order to preserve your eyes. Vision is so important. How annoying is it to be unable to read print?

1. Protective Eye Wear

Wearing protective eye wear can help preserve your vision, when doing certain activities.
Polycarbonate which is in most protective eye wear is 10 times stronger than normal eye wear.

Be sure to wear your sunglasses when out it in the sun. The sun can do more damage to your eyes than you think. Also, protective coating can be provided in your sunglasses. It may be somewhat more costly, but worth it. Prices can range from $154.00 and higher. Ultraviolet treatment for sunglasses protects your eyes just like a sun screen. When you get your prescription filled for your regular eye wear usually you will be given an option of getting a special coating for your glasses that can protect your eyes. They will darken when you are out in the sun and then lighten back up when you are in doors.

Other options may include computer protection to protect from the glare of the computer. The fact that Apple came out with the Retinal display iPad which protects your eyes much better is great. Apparently, computers and laptops do not have the retinal display currently, but you can order online separately an anti-glare screen that hangs over your computer screen and this is an additional protection from the glare of the computer.

Also, note that you can adjust the brightness on your computer, so that it is not so bright. Finally, you can adjust your fonts when working on the computer by holding the (ctrl button) down while moving your mouse scroll forward to enlarge the font or moving the scroll backwards to decrease the font.

2. Floaters

Have you ever experienced moving floaters that appear to dart away in your eye when looking at something? People can live with them, but then there are others times it may be a sign of a more serious condition. If you see floaters with flashes of light or have eye pain, this may be a more serious condition, you may want to consult a doctor. You do not want to risk the possibility of permanent eye loss. Some of the conditions that the floaters may cause are retinal detachment, retinal tear, or bleeding from the eye.

3. Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment deprives the retinal cells of oxygen to nourish it. Retinal detachment is an emergency condition. Early detection can possibly save your eyes. Do not overlook the warning signs. Some of the warning signs may include floaters as was mentioned above, flashes of light, or a shadow or curtain over a portion of the eye. This is serious and should not be overlooked. You should seek medical attention from your eye doctor.

4. Diabetes

If you are diabetic, you definitely should have regular eye exams. Did you know that the leading cause of vision loss among work people in the United States is Diabetes? Diabetic osteopathy has no warning signs and can gradually creep up, that is why regular exams with the eye dilation are important for early detection. Early detection can save your eyes.

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