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Exercise Without Going to the Gym

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why dancing is good exercise?” Or possibly you have asked, “Why hip hop dancing is good exercise?”

Children love to dance. Movement is in their spirits. Exercising and having fun is what Hip hop dance is. Hop hop dance provides stamina endurance, strengthens the heart muscles, and tones the abdominal muscles. It is an easy way to get your children to exercise.

Exercise in School

Any exercise that provides you a good workout should be considered. Exercising is good for the body. Because everyone is different, each person will need to find which exercise is best for you. Many schools have some type of dancing and exercise movement into their regular school routine. Either before or after school.

In addition, starting the “Let's Move” movement in schools is a good move by Michelle Obama. The students benefit from this. That is a positive and healthy move for the future of our young people and generations to follow.

Some schools have even gone as far as to have an actual Hip hop Dance Team that dances during half times of their games. Can you imagine the exercise that they get for dong this? The rewards are just phenomenal.

Besides the fact that hip hop is a great way to get children to exercise, it also engages students. Educators realize teaching hip hop can also be a bridge to talk about other subjects.

Burning Calories

Did you know that there are sites available where you can input your weight and the number of minutes that you exercise to estimate the number of calories that you burn?

Hip Hop DVD

If you have reservations about hip hop dance, there are numerous videos on YouTube that show you in dept the movements.

Finally, you will determine which hip-hop DVD or video is best for you. It depends on what areas of your body you want to workout. Shaun T Hip Hop Abs &rdquo concentrate on upper, lower, and middle abs. Twenty minute and Ten minute workouts, are available for those that have less time to workout. Encouraging children to exercise with Hip hop is good.

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