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Monday, June 10, 2013

4 Tips to Help Your Children

Helping Kids

Morguefile, by Karpati Gabor


How are your listening skills? Good listening skills are ways to help your children. Have you ever really just sat and listen to your children talk? Try just listening to them talk, rather than giving them advice. Encourage conversation. If they know you are truly listening, they will have no problem talking. You will probably find out many of the inner things that are going on with them. Instead of asking how their day was, ask them, “What was the best part of the day today for you?” “What made that special?”

Possibly you are a parent that works first shift and you are not able to attend your children’s school programs or field trips. You may not have a choice, because you have to work to put food on the table. There are alternatives.

Vacation Days

Do you have vacation days? This would be a good time to use that vacation day to support your children by going to their school program. You cannot imagine how much that means to them to see your face in the audience. Remember once your children are adults you can never go back to this particular day.

I recall talking to a teacher that shared only 2 parents showed up for an event given for the children. Now that is totally unacceptable. If you are not able to make it, possibly ask a relative, such as a sister, cousin, uncle, or brother to attend. Try making your children a priority.


Are you allowing your children to solve problems or are you trying to solve all their problems. As you sit down for dinner and they start talking about problems are you asking them, “If you had it to do over ask yourself, "What could I have done differently?”

Children receiving gifts

Has your child ever brought something home such as a gift or money and said a friend gave it to them? You should be concerned. I recall a child giving another child a pair of sunglasses. He stated he no longer wanted them and wanted to do something nice by giving the sunglasses away. He also told his mother a different story. He told his mother he lost the sunglasses. That was a nice gesture to give the sunglasses away, but the lying about the glasses was unacceptable.

Now this is a time for discussion, because he lied to his mother, in order to do what he wanted to do. In addition, sometimes, children feel they need to buy the affection of others, because they want to fit in.

What about money? I recall a young child giving another $5.00. The child states he can always get more money and that his mother will just give it to him. Was he stealing this money? Was he giving his lunch money away? This is another good time for discussion with your child and contacting the parent of the other child. Express to your children, it is not wise to take money from others unless both parents are aware of what is happening. There are so many ways that children can get caught up in wrong situations at the wrong time. The money could have been stolen, the boy could have lied and said he did not take it, but the other child took it. What tips do you have to help children?

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